Life in the Jungle pt.3

ジャングルでの長い一日も半分終わりました。A long day in the life of a jungle yogi is about halfway done, and now we’re about to get down to the nitty-gritty.

3:00PM~4:30PM アーサナ技法 Asana (pose) methodology


We learn to safely align and accurately adjust students in poses, so that their healing experience is enhanced. Everybody is now helping each other get into challenging poses.






4:45~6:45PM ハタもしくは陰ヨガ Hatha or Yin Yoga


Waylon’s practice is strong and energetic, but in the evenings Shihoko’s Yin yoga class is exceptional! Yin yoga is much slower and much more stationary. A quiet challenge, but truly a mellow, healing time and space provided by Shihoko. I’m usually melted by the end of her class and a few of us have a little cry here and there because of Shihoko’s moving guidance.


7:00PM~8:00PM ディナー Dinner


I somehow collect myself from completely melting away ‘like an ice cream cone on a summer day’ (Thank you Victor for this metaphor), in Shihoko’s Yin yoga, and chant our prayer for meals, and have another delicious meal!


Brahmarpanam Brahma Havir
Brahmagnau Brahmanaahutam
Brahmaiva Tena Ghantavyam
Brahmakarma Samadhina

Om shanti shanti shantih







8:00~9:00PM サンガ・瞑想 Sangha & Meditation


Sangha in Sanskrit means community, in which we share or exchange thoughts, feelings and experiences of spiritual nature. We sit around the fire and offer anything we can to the fire. Sometimes we offer thoughts, feelings or habits we would like to let go, like egos, other times we offer an invitation to welcome something in life, like forgiveness and love.



9:30PM 就寝 Quick, race ya to bed!

ベッド(もしくはテント)まで、かけっこ!といってもみなさん夜遅くまで復習をしていたのです〜!But no, everyone would stay back in the nest and do their revision. Studious much?!


Life in the Jungle pt.2

After breakfast, we practice Bhakti!

11:00~11:30 バクティヨガ Bhakti Yoga


In Bhakti Yoga, also known as Yoga of Love and Devotion, we play instruments and sing mantras in a call-and-response manner.  This is called Kirtan. The mantras are all about peace, devotion to greater and higher existences, and paths of union. Everybody was shy at first, but now sings their heart out. Amazing what a little bit of singing of love every day can do to you. It really doesn’t matter if you are out of tune in Kirtan, as you can see from my totally silly singing!!! Singing about love and peace purifies your heart.

11:30~1:00PM 座学 Studying


We study yoga history, philosophy, lifestyle, permaculture gardening, anatomy/physiology/biomechanics. They are all such fascinating classes. The anatomy/physiology/biomechanics lectures by Eric are very practical and I love interpreting for that too. Everyone starts to look just a tiny bit sleepy right about now. Almost lunch!


1:00PM~3:00PM ランチ・休憩 Lunch break


Ingredients used in our meals are all organic or wild and from local farmers on the island or harvested right off the land that we are staying on. Every dish is vegan, nutritious, incredibly tasty and filling. However, some of us are all starting to miss our staple rice, miso and pickled vegetables! In response to this, the kitchen angels blessed us with sushi rolls and miso soup!

IMG_1296 1





These are Poi ‘Ulu (Breadfruit) patties. Ulu is rich in vitamins, carbohydrate and protein. Needless to say, these patties are super delish.






After lunch some of us will go to nearby tide pools called Mermaid Ponds, others can enjoy a nap, a walk around the jungle or some banyan tree climbing.








Let’s take a break here. To be continued on the next post.

Life in the Jungle pt.1


A day in the 200 hours Zuddha Yoga teacher’s training course held in the jungle of Big Island of Hawaii.

5:30AM 起床 Wake up!


It’s pitch black and the sky is super starry with shooting stars and milky way. I scrape my tongue, brush my teeth and head to the “Nest”, the studying space in the jungle.


6:00~6:30 瞑想 Meditation


Still pitch black, we light candles in the centre of the room and sit in silence until the sun rises. Of course, at first we are all fidgeting and scratching and dozing off. Actually, I may have been the only one dozing off. I’ve developed a skill of sleeping sat up. But eventually we have days when we can sit up comfortably in peace and enjoy the sweet silence.


6:30~7:30 クリヤヨガKriya Yoga practice.


This is an esoteric sequence of strong breathing techniques with physical movements, which our head teacher Waylon inherited from a Himalayan yogi. The techniques are all intended to oxygenate and revitalize the body and improve the digestive system. It has taken me a couple of years to enjoy this yoga as I have struggled with my slightly asthmatic respiratory condition since childhood. But this sequence has really helped me clear up my system.

8:00~8:30 地熱プールで水泳 Swimming in a geothermal tide pool.


IMG_1232 3 wmpd.JPG


It’s not as warm as an onsen but it’s very comfortable and calm.

8:30~10:30 ハタヨガ Hatha Yoga Practice


身体を動かし、循環を向上したり、デトックスを促したりするポーズをとるヨガです。 ウェイロンによるリードのプラクティス。彼のスタイルはエネルギッシュで、ビックリするほど体と心が開く、バラエティ豊富でクリエイティブなシーケンスです。

Hatha Yoga practice, or Sadhana in Sanskrit, we practice postures that enhance circulation and help detoxification, led by Waylon. His style is known to be strong, energetic, creative, and well-sequenced to gracefully move our body in all the anatomically appropriate directions. He knows how to guide you into opening up and overcoming your limits and challenges.



10:30~11:00 朝食 Breakfast 


This is the best, I tell you. Every day, the beautiful Daria, Kseniya and Masha bless us with their heavenly creations. I could never have enough of the fruit porridge (avocado, papaya, banana, and coconut oat mix)!







Let’s take a break here. To be continued on the next post.



The 2016 Zuddha Yoga 200 hours Yoga Teacher’s Training on Hawaii Island has sadly come to an end! All the students who joined the course have each transformed into a yoga teacher of his or her own style and grace. Each teacher has taught a class filled with unique sequencing and yogic activities that convey the connection between all of us, the nature and the universe. I participated as an interpreter/assistant teacher and I’m all teary-eyed just writing this up because yes I am a crybaby but mainly because we have become ‘ohana (family) after spending 21 days and nights together in this off-the-grid jungle.


もう終わっちゃうなんて寂しすぎる〜!最初の1週間は、1日が永遠のように感じられました。 トイレは流さないやつでハエぶんぶんだし、シャワーは1分間だし、電気無いし、寝泊まりはテント… 生命力溢れる美しく力強いジャングルでの仕事と練習で、正直、2、3日目まで、「早く帰りたいかも…」なんて罰当たりなことを思っていたのです。もちろん今では、やだー!帰りたくなーい!!!!ですよ。

I sure am going to miss the life in the jungle. During the first week, each day felt like forever! We were using compost toilets with a whole population of flies feasting on our waste (nope you can’t flush, but hey our waste was then used as maneuour for coconut trees and mango trees!), showers are a minute each, no electricity at night, and some of us were sleeping in tents for 21 nights. Working and practicing intense hours in the beautiful, wild jungle pulsating with life, honestly, for the first couple of days I wanted to go home already. But of course, now I just want to stay here for at least a year 😉



A day in the jungle yoga teacher training course looks like this.

5:30AM 起床 Wake up!

6:00~6:30 瞑想 Meditation

6:30~7:30 クリヤヨガ Kriya Yoga
Strong breathing techniques with physical movements

8:00~8:30 地熱プールで水泳 Swimming in geothermal tide pool

8:30~10:30 ハタヨガ Hatha Yoga practice

10:30~11:00 朝食 Breakfast

11:00~11:30 バクティヨガ Bhakti Yoga
Yoga of love and devotion

11:30~1:00PM 座学 Studying
Yoga history, philosophy, lifestyle, anatomy/physiology/biomechanics

1:00PM~3:00PM ランチ・休憩 Lunch break

3:00PM~4:30PM アーサナ技法 Asana (pose) methodology

4:45~6:45PM ハタもしくは陰ヨガ Hatha or Yin Yoga practice

7:00PM~8:00PM ディナー Dinner

8:00~9:00PM サットサンガ・瞑想 Satsang and Meditation

9:30PM 就寝 Quick, get to bed!!!



Looooong days and short nights!

To be continued…


The day has come, I’m going to the Big Island of Hawaii today, to an off-the-grid eco village in the jungle with limited electricity and water but with the richest fruits and life given from the land.
My teachers, mentors, and friends for life Waylon Belding and Shihoko Otsubo will be holding a 200 hour intensive yoga teacher training in this ecologically sustainable village over the next 3 weeks. I will be there to assist along with a few other amazing karma yogis, who have volunteered to serve with no attachments to reward. It’s my greatest honour to be able to help in some way, whilst living in such an environment and community.



I cant wait to relearn to live with less and be more from the inside. We will only use biodegradable products, harvest only what we need from the land, and cook with love, care and appreciation, and compost everything we can, including our bodily waste. Because whether we like it or not, everything we do and everything that comes out of us is part of this one big living thing that we call Earth, our home.



Sometimes I feel so blue and disconnected from life. Life is supposed to be lively! I just routinely commute from home to work, work to home, cuz I get so caught up in this rat race. what the fuck is life anyway? Life is happiness! We’re all living for happiness, and happiness isn’t necessarily material possessions and financial success.
Pure happiness is definitely not on the expense of others! I just want to live consciously and peacefully and be happy with what I have, and sometimes it takes a trip to the jungle to relearn how to do that again. My dream is to bring back more art, life and nature to the cities. I’m still not sure what I can do, but I’m learning. So if you are interested in helping or learning this way of life, please hit us up, give us a signal!!!!!





ジャングルでエコな生き方、生き物みんなが幸せになれる生き方を学んできます。 そばで見守ってくれる家族に本当に感謝です。 今回の旅に承諾してくださった、仕事場の方々、ヨガの練習に来てくださるみなさま、わたしの東京生活を明るくしてくれるお友達のみんな、ありがとうございます!!!


Love always


Aya town


いろーんな木々と動物達が共存をしている貴重な森です。もののけ姫で出てくる 木霊(コダマ)がいそうだったよ〜。

Still in Miyazaki, today we went to Aya town, famous for its forest, winery, organic produce, and vegan cafés and restaurants, etc.. 

We crossed the world’s longest walkable suspension bridge to the largest wild forest in Japan called Aya forest. The forest is registered as an UNESCO eco-park. The forest is so rich and so alive I thought I’d see kodama thereforest spirits – if you have no idea, watch Princess Mononoke. 

ビーサンで、行くよ ヨギーは どこまでも。


So much green out here I really felt good and high from all the oxygen.

枯れ葉に紛れてる◯◯◯さん見える?Saw a bunch of cool things inside the forest. Like this little guy amongst the dry leaves. 


Dosokai means reunion (with people) in Japanese. I’m in Miyazaki for a few days, it’s suchhhhh a beautiful place full of lush vegetation. It’s one of the prefectures on Kyushu island, which is the second most southern island in Japan. Its coastline gets everything from nice baby waves to super tubes. I’m here to reunite with my fellow graduates of 2013 Zuddha Yoga teacher’s training course. We’ve been far from each other for two years, but we’ve always had each other in our thoughts and will always support each other. 

I love Miyazaki!! I’m so going to move here one day. We went stand-up paddle boarding and surfing today on Aoshima Beach (aka the beginners beach :p ) 

宮崎なうー!!ゆうかちゃんとナオミちゃんの故郷、宮崎最高ー!! いつか移住しちゃおーっと! 仕事の合間を縫って、ズッダTTC卒業生達との同窓会も兼ねて、自然を楽しみに来ました。怒涛の野外TTC200時間を一緒に経験して、家族になった仲間。お互い遠くで暮らしていてなかなか会えないけど、いつも心の中で想ってる!

さっそく今日はSUPにサーフィンして来たよ〜!(ビギナー用のビーチに行ってきました、はい) 海大好きじゃー!目を閉じて海の音を聞くと落ち着くね。

Theres a cozy, cute cafe with a beautiful garden near the beach called ao cafe, they had super delicious hamburgers and veggie burgers too! Should definitely go if you get a chance to visit Kyushu or Miyazaki. 

青島ビーチの近くにある 居心地の良い ao cafe ですごーく美味しいパンやハンバーガーを食べたよ〜。なんとベジバーガーもある!ひよこ豆だった♡ お庭も店内も落ち着く。

そしてみんな仲良く一つの部屋でお泊まり会だー♡ おやすみ〜。#修学旅行 #雑魚寝 

And of course, the futon party!! Much futon. Good night xx