About me


I practice and teach yoga, work for a record label with my friends, and travel whenever I can, while based in Tokyo, Japan. I am senior teacher at Zuddha Lotus Yoga School, a style and school of yoga that strives to propagate a sustainable lifestyle of peace, love and devotion.

Favourite things include but are not limited to: beaching, fruits, berries, macadamia nuts, leaves, trees, flower buds, dark chocolates, chai tea, Kona coffee, spices, yam fries, waves, naps in hammocks, trampolines, jiggling, singing in the shower, accents, jokes, onigiri, Luke and Yoda, and huggling!

Graduate of University of British Columbia in Bachelor of Kinesiology
Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher with 500+ hours of training including Zuddha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kids Yoga.


カナダブリティッシュコロンビア州立大学 運動生理解剖学 学士卒業





Most photographs courtesy of good friend Jason Browne.


And now I would like to introduce my fellow Zuddha teachers, my very dear friends, who are all talented in their own ways and realize their dreams. They are all teachers to me.



Shihoko was my very first Hatha Yoga teacher. Her yoga classes are simple, sweet, and thorough. My first time experiencing moving meditation guided by Shihoko concluded with an indescribable state of happiness and satisfaction. I was content with myself, with the surrounding world, and grateful for all. She has never stopped travelling, and still is on the road, sharing her healing classes all over the world with her partner, Waylon, and their baby daughter Padma.



このサイトで使わせてもらっている写真は、もちろん私物もありますが、画質が良くてカッコいいのは、ほとんど大事なお友達、ジェイソン・ブラウンの作品です!ジェイソンは、私たちのズッダロータススクールの専属カメラマンでもあり、ヨガティーチャー、一流バーテンダー、スカイダイバー、タイ古式マッサージ師、ロッククライマー… ジェイソンにできないことってないんじゃない!?


Most of the photographs (in the blog posts, header photos..) I use on my site are taken by a good fellow, Jason Browne, an amazing yoga teacher, photographer, concoction magician, Thai Yoga masseuse, skydiver, rock climber, adept coconut chopper… Is there anything he can’t do!?

He’s the official photographer for our Zuddha Lotus Yoga School. Yeah, watch out for him, his photographs are going to make the rounds. He’s currently working on a website for his photography, so hold tight!