Sup guyzzzz

I’ve been guiding yoga practices on Stand Up Paddle boards.. Yes I do that too now.

サップ!(英語の俗語で、「よっ元気?」って意味があります笑) 実は茅ヶ崎のサーフィンスクール、JK.Surfで、サップヨガも最近ガイドさせてもらってます。

It’s actually pretty fun cuz it’s challenging haha. I like a little challenge cuz it helps me grow and learn to have a new perspective. 


You learn so much about grounding and letting go of egos. You learn to use your core and ground your feet so you don’t fall off the board. You also learn that falling is not a bad thing.. You just get a little bit wet, so what! You can always come back on and stand on your feet again. You learn the balance of grounding and letting go of attachments to the idea of failure. 


The waves will always be there to sway you off your balance, and so we will work on being with the waves. 


The water will never be flat or still, and so we will learn equanimity by acknowledging both balance and falling. 

I’m still learning too.


Here are some of my favourite photos of fun-loving, strong ladies from my classes. 




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