Community Yoga

So much gratitude to David for organizing this monthly community yoga and everyone who came down to the park yesterday. I love that this class is free of charge. Yoga is for everybody. I’ve decided to get more involved in community yoga. 

I’ll be guiding another community yoga class this Sunday 10:30-11:30 at the Lululemon Showroom in Harajuku. Come by, it’ll be fun! And freeeeeee!

昨日あったDavid Flynnくんオーガナイズの東京コミュニティヨガプロジェクト、楽しかったな〜。コミュニティヨガは無料だから沢山の人に楽しんでもらえて良かった!




今週日曜 10/2も10:30-11:30で、原宿のルルレモンショールームで無料コミュニティヨガのクラス担当してます。また遊びに来てください。会えるの楽しみにしてます!

I’d like to thank my teachers Shihoko and Waylon for teaching me the ways to guide in a safe, fun, challenging manner and my parents for showing me how to give, give and give! Love you guys. 




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