At Zuddha Lotus Yoga School, you can expect to learn the authentic, esoteric knowledge of Yoga.

Zuddha Yoga is a sustainable lifestyle, which incorporates true yogic principles and disciplines, and prepares one to practice and teach Yoga appropriately.

Zuddha Yoga is a style of Yoga, which does not only consist of Asana (pose/posture) practice, but also includes Pranayama (breathing techniques), Raja (meditation) Yoga, Karma (action/work) Yoga, Bhakti (love/devotion) Yoga, Kirtan (devotional singing and music) in balanced portions, sprinkled with fun and adventures as well!

Yoga is a way to achieve peace within and out with the world, maintained by purifying diet, thoughts, words, actions and daily habits.

An eco village, THE VILLAGE in an off-the-grid jungle in Puna, on Hawaii Island.

24 days intensive – January 27, 2017 to February 19, 2017.

Total approximately US$4,248 (excluding air fare and insurance) includes:

  • Tuition fee
    Early bird rate – US$2,208 due by November 28, 2016.
    Regular rate – US$2,408 due by December 28, 2016.
  • Accommodation
    Camp – approx. US$15/night.
    Shared room – approx. US$40/night.
    Single room – approx. US$65/night.
  • 3 organic or wild vegan/raw/macrobiotic meals per day for 24 days, catered to you by a professional chef – US$,1080.
  • Use of facilities (shower, toilet, electricity, kitchen etc.) & pick up and send off at airport.


Our Teacher Trainings are intimate and small-scale, so that we can accommodate to every student closely. Spaces are limited, please reserve your spot early 🙂 ❤

*Part-time options are also available from a 1-week option to a 2-week option, and the remaining part of the course can be finished in another part of the world, for example Vancouver, Milan or Japan.

Please fill in the form below or email info@zuddhalotus.com

The level 1: 200 hour teacher’s training course is a deep immersion into Yogic Sadhana (technique of discipline) and studies.

The course is broken into:


In the level 1 course we practice stillness meditation everyday. We must take a seated Asana of our maximum comfort and be without movement. Most important when practicing any form of meditation is to keep the back as erect as possible while keeping the head level, without a stoop in shoulders or a sleepy hanging neck. Attention is placed on the vibration that the breath generates with the natural in and out flow. Tongue is placed on the upper palate naturally swallowing  when ever the need arises, though not excessively. The eyes can be kept in a few positions: 1. Closed with the gave softly towards the third eye or in the centre of the brow, or 2. Tibetan style open with a blank look, looking at nothing and fixed without disturbance no matter what crosses the field of vision or 3 at the tip of the nose. When thoughts arise and they most certainly do, refrain from engaging them and getting caught up, instead let them go and let will them pass like water flowing down the river.


Our regular daily practice done in dedication to the highest self. Meditation towards the divine in the context of self realization followed by our breathing techniques to energize our system and purify our body and mind so that the truth can be experienced. All poses are done as prayers, in the mood of devotion to the highest of the high. The poses help to bring vital energy and awareness. We conclude with a deep relaxation a sweet surrender to the earth.


Waylon has deeply studied the philosophy of Yoga having travelled to India 7 times and read too many books. The level 1 course covers the basics, laying a foundation of understanding and introducing the key concepts. We cover the most important Yogic texts

And the many approaches from the physical to the meta-physical.


Everyday we cover the Asana’s in an in-depth way. Point by point with emphasis on Anatomical correctness and how to move in and out of poses for safety and accuracy.  We learn about the benefits as well as how to sequence poses, their Sanskrit names and history.


Waylon normally calls on experienced anatomy teachers to teach this part of the course to bring their expertise but also to provide another voice to the teachings.


Each student is given time to teach their own sequences and classes based on the context of what has been covered. Emphasis is given on developing the each students own unique voice and perspective.


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