Zuddha 300





というわけで see you at practice!!

Zuddha yoga 300 hrs teachers’ training starts today, April 1! 

I had an intense but clarifying meeting the other week with Nirvana Yoga Studio owner Mahiro and my friend, teacher and Zuddha yoga founder Waylon, over some delicious vegan lunch at the new spot in Kabukicho, the red light district of Tokyo, funnily enough. 

We made clear that we all want to give our best in this course to facilitate our dedicated soon-to-be new Zuddha teachers. 

I’m on my way to the first practice of Term 2 of the course, it’s only 6:30am and trains are already packed with salarymen, looking not so perky. Wish we all worked a little less and played a bit more in this hyperconsumeristic city. 

Right, I should get off my phone, see you at practice! 




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