Life in the Jungle pt.1


A day in the 200 hours Zuddha Yoga teacher’s training course held in the jungle of Big Island of Hawaii.

5:30AM 起床 Wake up!


It’s pitch black and the sky is super starry with shooting stars and milky way. I scrape my tongue, brush my teeth and head to the “Nest”, the studying space in the jungle.


6:00~6:30 瞑想 Meditation


Still pitch black, we light candles in the centre of the room and sit in silence until the sun rises. Of course, at first we are all fidgeting and scratching and dozing off. Actually, I may have been the only one dozing off. I’ve developed a skill of sleeping sat up. But eventually we have days when we can sit up comfortably in peace and enjoy the sweet silence.


6:30~7:30 クリヤヨガKriya Yoga practice.


This is an esoteric sequence of strong breathing techniques with physical movements, which our head teacher Waylon inherited from a Himalayan yogi. The techniques are all intended to oxygenate and revitalize the body and improve the digestive system. It has taken me a couple of years to enjoy this yoga as I have struggled with my slightly asthmatic respiratory condition since childhood. But this sequence has really helped me clear up my system.

8:00~8:30 地熱プールで水泳 Swimming in a geothermal tide pool.


IMG_1232 3 wmpd.JPG


It’s not as warm as an onsen but it’s very comfortable and calm.

8:30~10:30 ハタヨガ Hatha Yoga Practice


身体を動かし、循環を向上したり、デトックスを促したりするポーズをとるヨガです。 ウェイロンによるリードのプラクティス。彼のスタイルはエネルギッシュで、ビックリするほど体と心が開く、バラエティ豊富でクリエイティブなシーケンスです。

Hatha Yoga practice, or Sadhana in Sanskrit, we practice postures that enhance circulation and help detoxification, led by Waylon. His style is known to be strong, energetic, creative, and well-sequenced to gracefully move our body in all the anatomically appropriate directions. He knows how to guide you into opening up and overcoming your limits and challenges.



10:30~11:00 朝食 Breakfast 


This is the best, I tell you. Every day, the beautiful Daria, Kseniya and Masha bless us with their heavenly creations. I could never have enough of the fruit porridge (avocado, papaya, banana, and coconut oat mix)!







Let’s take a break here. To be continued on the next post.



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