The 2016 Zuddha Yoga 200 hours Yoga Teacher’s Training on Hawaii Island has sadly come to an end! All the students who joined the course have each transformed into a yoga teacher of his or her own style and grace. Each teacher has taught a class filled with unique sequencing and yogic activities that convey the connection between all of us, the nature and the universe. I participated as an interpreter/assistant teacher and I’m all teary-eyed just writing this up because yes I am a crybaby but mainly because we have become ‘ohana (family) after spending 21 days and nights together in this off-the-grid jungle.


もう終わっちゃうなんて寂しすぎる〜!最初の1週間は、1日が永遠のように感じられました。 トイレは流さないやつでハエぶんぶんだし、シャワーは1分間だし、電気無いし、寝泊まりはテント… 生命力溢れる美しく力強いジャングルでの仕事と練習で、正直、2、3日目まで、「早く帰りたいかも…」なんて罰当たりなことを思っていたのです。もちろん今では、やだー!帰りたくなーい!!!!ですよ。

I sure am going to miss the life in the jungle. During the first week, each day felt like forever! We were using compost toilets with a whole population of flies feasting on our waste (nope you can’t flush, but hey our waste was then used as maneuour for coconut trees and mango trees!), showers are a minute each, no electricity at night, and some of us were sleeping in tents for 21 nights. Working and practicing intense hours in the beautiful, wild jungle pulsating with life, honestly, for the first couple of days I wanted to go home already. But of course, now I just want to stay here for at least a year 😉



A day in the jungle yoga teacher training course looks like this.

5:30AM 起床 Wake up!

6:00~6:30 瞑想 Meditation

6:30~7:30 クリヤヨガ Kriya Yoga
Strong breathing techniques with physical movements

8:00~8:30 地熱プールで水泳 Swimming in geothermal tide pool

8:30~10:30 ハタヨガ Hatha Yoga practice

10:30~11:00 朝食 Breakfast

11:00~11:30 バクティヨガ Bhakti Yoga
Yoga of love and devotion

11:30~1:00PM 座学 Studying
Yoga history, philosophy, lifestyle, anatomy/physiology/biomechanics

1:00PM~3:00PM ランチ・休憩 Lunch break

3:00PM~4:30PM アーサナ技法 Asana (pose) methodology

4:45~6:45PM ハタもしくは陰ヨガ Hatha or Yin Yoga practice

7:00PM~8:00PM ディナー Dinner

8:00~9:00PM サットサンガ・瞑想 Satsang and Meditation

9:30PM 就寝 Quick, get to bed!!!



Looooong days and short nights!

To be continued…




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