The day has come, I’m going to the Big Island of Hawaii today, to an off-the-grid eco village in the jungle with limited electricity and water but with the richest fruits and life given from the land.
My teachers, mentors, and friends for life Waylon Belding and Shihoko Otsubo will be holding a 200 hour intensive yoga teacher training in this ecologically sustainable village over the next 3 weeks. I will be there to assist along with a few other amazing karma yogis, who have volunteered to serve with no attachments to reward. It’s my greatest honour to be able to help in some way, whilst living in such an environment and community.



I cant wait to relearn to live with less and be more from the inside. We will only use biodegradable products, harvest only what we need from the land, and cook with love, care and appreciation, and compost everything we can, including our bodily waste. Because whether we like it or not, everything we do and everything that comes out of us is part of this one big living thing that we call Earth, our home.



Sometimes I feel so blue and disconnected from life. Life is supposed to be lively! I just routinely commute from home to work, work to home, cuz I get so caught up in this rat race. what the fuck is life anyway? Life is happiness! We’re all living for happiness, and happiness isn’t necessarily material possessions and financial success.
Pure happiness is definitely not on the expense of others! I just want to live consciously and peacefully and be happy with what I have, and sometimes it takes a trip to the jungle to relearn how to do that again. My dream is to bring back more art, life and nature to the cities. I’m still not sure what I can do, but I’m learning. So if you are interested in helping or learning this way of life, please hit us up, give us a signal!!!!!





ジャングルでエコな生き方、生き物みんなが幸せになれる生き方を学んできます。 そばで見守ってくれる家族に本当に感謝です。 今回の旅に承諾してくださった、仕事場の方々、ヨガの練習に来てくださるみなさま、わたしの東京生活を明るくしてくれるお友達のみんな、ありがとうございます!!!


Love always





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