October 7


Day 7: #Vrksasana #ツリーポーズ 🐧🌳🐦 #OctoberYogaSpice Hosts: @kinoyoga @beachyogagirl 



Charity cause: 

#JourneyToIndia founded with @yogisheart
Check my friends @kaekhor and @hardkkhor, also on the challenge😊❤️ 簡単そうに見えて全然簡単じゃな〜い。片足で立ってバランスしてるし、上げている脚は開かなきゃいけないし!もちろん、グラグラする場合、軸足の膝を少し曲げたり、上げている脚をふくらはぎや足首など低い位置に添えてあげても十分効果があります。足は大木のように地面へと根づいて、背骨は幹のように重力に逆らって空の方へ伸びていきます。上げている膝を外へ開いて臀部を引き締めるアクションを起こすとコアに働きかけるのでバランスが取りやすいです。
Oohhh I love balance poses.. I probably love them because I am generally not a very balanced person.. I like the opposite sides of every little thing! 

Yes so if you are balancing on your left foot you want to shift your weight over the sole of your left foot, and press your right foot firmly to your right ankle, calf or inner thigh and maintain the effort to keep the right knee opening to the side. Root deeply into the ground with your standing leg and lengthen your spine towards to the sky like a big old beautiful tree. Softly gaze forward to the ground like yo what up.. I’m chillin super hard. 

#chillinhard #chillinsuperhard 

#mikisyogashala #yoginisoftokyo




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