October 12

Day 12: #Padangusthasana #パダングスターサナ #OctoberYogaSpice 

Hosts: @kinoyoga @beachyogagirl 

Sponsors: @aloyoga 

Charity cause: 

#JourneyToIndia founded with @yogisheart
Check my friends @kaekhor and @hardkkhor, also on the challenge󾌵❤️ 仕事も休みも遊びも大事!というわけで一晩中踊ったあと、疲れ果てた脚のストレッチも兼ねて、今日のヨガポーズにお友達がジョインしてくれました、笑。実は原本が小さすぎてウッターナーサナ(足に腕を回す前屈)に見えたので、ウッターナーサナをしてもらっちゃいました。でも今日のポーズはパダングスターサナでした、タハハ。󾌱 ヨガの練習したことないんだって!でもこの人達もうヨガだね󾌵 好きなことして生きてる。もうすでに幸せ。
#臨場感あるヨガ #ただの酔っ払い? #アップドッグ可愛い!
Yaaay, more forward bends, with friends!!! Featuring the #voidtokyo and #housenothouse crew dem. 
Post night out, pre munchies stretch!! Work, dance, stretch, rest!! I had mistaken that today’s pose was uttanasana so I had them do that instead of padangusthasana haha. Oh well.
Inhale to open your chest, and exhale to bend forward from the hips. Give your knees a generous bend and let your belly come rest on your thighs. For padangusthasana: Wrap your peace fingers around the big toes and pull your belly button into your spine, and pull yourself down to the floor with the strength of your arms. Slowly, slowly, let the breath open the backside of your whole body. 

#mikisyogashala #yoginisoftokyo #yogisoftokyo




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