October 10

Day 10: #JanuSirsasanaA #ジャーヌシルシャーサナ
Hosts: @kinoyoga @beachyogagirl 

Sponsors: @aloyoga 

Charity cause: 

#JourneyToIndia founded with @yogisheart
Check my friends @kaekhor and @hardkkhor, also on the challenge😊❤️ このポーズは股関節の開きと閉じが両方あってわたしにはとても居心地が良いポーズです。両足を伸ばして更に深く前屈する前にこっちでウォームアップするのが好きです。
I love this pose because there are both opening and closing of the hips, and the forward bend comes to me with ease in this way. This helps me warm up my hamstrings for the deeper forward bends as well. 

Send your heart forward with an inhalation and exhale to bring your belly to the thigh. Little bit by little bit, slowly, slowly. 

#mikisyogashala #yoginisoftokyo #yogisoftokyo




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