October 2

Day 2 is of course the ever-evolving pose in everyone’s practice, downward facing dog. ‪#‎OctoberYogaSpice‬ hosted by @kinoyoga @beachyogagirl sponsored by @aloyoga

Check my friends @kaekhor and @hardkkhor, also on the challenge


Downward facing dog has always been a bit of a myth to me, as you need to push with your hands and feet into the ground, and yet reach up by pushing. I’ve recently got the hang of it, and when you do, it’s a very fun pose as you play and find your highest centre of gravity. 

This pose opens up front and back sides of your body, fires up and strengthens the front and back of your legs, lengthening your spine and the back of your legs as you create space in your whole body. When you create space in your bits, you create space in and around your heart, mind and life.

Do bend your knees and lift your heels as much as you need, to move your centre of gravity as far back as you can. You want to leave almost only 30% of your weight on your wrists to feel the lengthening of your spine. But most importantly, have fun and listen honestly to how you feel, and do what feels good for you. 

‪#‎adhomukhasvanasana‬ ‪#‎downwardfacingdog‬#下を向いた犬のポーズ ‪#‎ダウンドッグ‬ ‪#‎mikisyogashala‬ At the most famous meeting point in Japan. ‪#‎忠犬ハチ公‬ ‪#‎hachiko‬




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