October Yoga Challenge

Right so I’ve seen this yoga challenge thing on Instagram many times, but I’d never taken part in it. I don’t really practice with my phone/camera out and ready 😉 

Thanks to my soul brother Kevin for inviting me, I am now on this challenge hosted by Kino and Beachyogagirl, called October Yoga Spice. Yogis and yoginis on Instagram post a photo each day in the pose of the day. The more photos being posted by the end of the month, the larger the sum of money that will be donated to find youth scholarships to learn Yoga in India. 

My Instagram is @mikisyogashala if you’re interested in the random photos I post, usually on trips, vegetables, fruits and yoga. 


わたしのインスタグラムのアカウントは @mikisyogashala です。毎日ランダムな場所でポーズをしている写真をあげるので、ご興味がったらぜひチラ見してみてください。





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