Aya town


いろーんな木々と動物達が共存をしている貴重な森です。もののけ姫で出てくる 木霊(コダマ)がいそうだったよ〜。

Still in Miyazaki, today we went to Aya town, famous for its forest, winery, organic produce, and vegan cafés and restaurants, etc.. 

We crossed the world’s longest walkable suspension bridge to the largest wild forest in Japan called Aya forest. The forest is registered as an UNESCO eco-park. The forest is so rich and so alive I thought I’d see kodama thereforest spirits – if you have no idea, watch Princess Mononoke. 

ビーサンで、行くよ ヨギーは どこまでも。


So much green out here I really felt good and high from all the oxygen.

枯れ葉に紛れてる◯◯◯さん見える?Saw a bunch of cool things inside the forest. Like this little guy amongst the dry leaves. 




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