Dosokai means reunion (with people) in Japanese. I’m in Miyazaki for a few days, it’s suchhhhh a beautiful place full of lush vegetation. It’s one of the prefectures on Kyushu island, which is the second most southern island in Japan. Its coastline gets everything from nice baby waves to super tubes. I’m here to reunite with my fellow graduates of 2013 Zuddha Yoga teacher’s training course. We’ve been far from each other for two years, but we’ve always had each other in our thoughts and will always support each other. 

I love Miyazaki!! I’m so going to move here one day. We went stand-up paddle boarding and surfing today on Aoshima Beach (aka the beginners beach :p ) 

宮崎なうー!!ゆうかちゃんとナオミちゃんの故郷、宮崎最高ー!! いつか移住しちゃおーっと! 仕事の合間を縫って、ズッダTTC卒業生達との同窓会も兼ねて、自然を楽しみに来ました。怒涛の野外TTC200時間を一緒に経験して、家族になった仲間。お互い遠くで暮らしていてなかなか会えないけど、いつも心の中で想ってる!

さっそく今日はSUPにサーフィンして来たよ〜!(ビギナー用のビーチに行ってきました、はい) 海大好きじゃー!目を閉じて海の音を聞くと落ち着くね。

Theres a cozy, cute cafe with a beautiful garden near the beach called ao cafe, they had super delicious hamburgers and veggie burgers too! Should definitely go if you get a chance to visit Kyushu or Miyazaki. 

青島ビーチの近くにある 居心地の良い ao cafe ですごーく美味しいパンやハンバーガーを食べたよ〜。なんとベジバーガーもある!ひよこ豆だった♡ お庭も店内も落ち着く。

そしてみんな仲良く一つの部屋でお泊まり会だー♡ おやすみ〜。#修学旅行 #雑魚寝 

And of course, the futon party!! Much futon. Good night xx



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