Pure and Light

On the Big Island, there was definitely lots of eating.. Well, I made sure I was eating only all the time, as usual. The kitchen was run by the most beautiful twin sisters I’ve ever come across!!! They are beautiful, smart and loving, and so much fun to be with. They make the best vegan meals. I learn from them every time. I already miss them 😥






Above we have a quinoa salad with avocados, tomatoes, and cilantro in it, pickled vegetables, non-spicy kimchi, taro mash, and a beetroot salad. All homemade and sattvic of course 🙂


This one below is my creation, I watched and learnt from my maestro chefs, Dashka and Sushka. Raw vegan papaya pie! The crust is made of crushed almonds and salted macadamia nuts, mixed with dates and coconut oil. Drool away.

これはローヴィーガン パパイヤ パイ。パイ生地は砕いたアーモンドとマカダミアナッツを、デーツとココナッツオイルでミックスしたもの。



This one here below is coconut milk chia seed pudding topped with yakon syrup, super delicious and creamy jackfruit, and starfruit on top. Ah! SO GOOD!!!!

ココナッツミルク チアシード プリン!トッピングは、ヤコンシロップ、ジャックフルーツ、スターフルーツ。IMG_0538

This one right here is beetroot soup and quinoa and nuts patty and vegan mayo, wrapped in greens from the garden.



Lentil soup and fresh spring rolls! And Fabrice, looking pure, light and handsome!レンズ豆スープと、生春巻き!!!とイケメンパパのファブリス!IMG_0588 IMG_0589 IMG_0590Highly nutritious greens from the garden. 菜園からとれる、栄養価の高い葉物。10931350_10153087708541757_270561118781065891_n-1Vegan buckwheat pancakes. ヴィーガンそば粉パンケーキ!!10922475_1572032616348036_325650950419050649_n

Mind-blowingly good savoury pie. 10933765_1572032889681342_4616887135347869960_n 10940552_1572461789638452_2316059398594289539_n


We sprout our beans, nuts and seeds for their increased vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and phytochemicals that are used by plants to germinate.


Sattvic relates to ‘sattva’ quality.  In Vedic philosophy, sattva means ‘purity’. When one is in a sattvic state, one feels calm, steady, peaceful, and conscious, as opposed to rajasic (excitable, irritable, restless) and tamasic (indifferent, sloth, ignorant). Sattvic food is pure, essential, natural, vital, clean, conscious, true, honest and wise.

You are what you eat, indeed. If you want to be pure and light, you eat pure and light food. You want to be excited, and up and going here and there, then you eat spicy, pungent food. You eat heavy, greasy, filling food, you become heavy, greasy, full and sleepy! Easy. I love love love spicy food.. I used to eat spicy food all the time when I lived in Singapore because there was chilli sauce accompanying every dish, and so I was quite restless and talkative. But I also ate lots of hamburgers back then so I would be sleeping all the time in class.

A sattvic diet includes seasonal foods, fruits, nuts, seeds, oils, ripe vegetables, legumes, whole grains and non-meat based proteins.

Support local and organic, and eat seasonal, fresh and raw whenever possible, for a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy planet!

サトヴィック (sattvic)とは、サットヴァ的という意味です。ヴェーダ哲学、アーユルヴェーダ医学では、サットヴァ(sattva)とは、純粋、生命、を意味します。人はサットヴァ的状態であるとき、平和を好み、意識的であり、穏やかで安定しています。反対に、ラジャス的であるときは興奮状態にあり、落ち着きがありません。また、タマス的であるときは、怠惰でのろく、無関心です。働きすぎの人はラジャスのエネルギーが強く、夜も眠れないことがあるでしょう。逆にタマシックな人は、倦怠感があり、かったり〜ことでしょう。高校時代わたしは、授業中いーっつもタマシックで、始終居眠りをしていました。




If you want recipes, please don’t hesitate to ask!



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