Ohayo in Hawaii

Ohayo (‘good morning’ in Japanese)!!!!

I’m here on the Hawaii Island aka the Big Island in Hawaii state.

I will be working for my teachers, Waylon and Shihoko, helping them out with whatever labour they need at their retreat.

It’s breathtakingly beautiful here, and so we will practice lots of breathing!

I could say something, anything, countless things to describe the beauty here or how blessed I feel, but I am just speechless right now. I’m just happy to be alive, and that I’ve made it here. I am broke, but I’d much rather be broke and traveling, than rich and stuck in one place. I do wish I could bring my family, and all my friends here. I’m working on it. Promise. My teacher Waylon does it, I’m going to do it!!

Gotta go, gotta get up and work and be of use!!


おはよう!! ハワイ島に来てます。ビッグアイランドとも呼ばれている、ハワイ州では一番大きく、もっとも自然が残っている島です。



通訳料理掃除洗濯!!& more!

今日ここで生きていられることに、感謝します。いつか家族と友達みんなを連れて来られるように、頑張り続けます! ウェイ先生もやってるし、わたしもやるっきゃないでしょ!!


People fighting, killing, dying, crying, my thoughts are with you. I will not stop practicing and will not stop sharing the practice.

Yoga is a way of life, a tool to help all of us understand, and accept ourselves and each other. It is based on the 10 ethical guidelines of yamas,
• non-violence
• truthfulness
• non-stealing
• non-excess/hoarding
• continence

and niyamas,
• purity, clearness of mind, speech and body
• contentment
• persistent meditation, perseverance
• study of self, self-reflection
• contemplation of the universe, the supreme being

With practice, these guidelines will provide you with skills to choose and take ownership of your attitude, thought and actions in life. Not gonna lie, I’m bad at what most of those guidelines recommend. Slowly but surely, I am working on it.




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