Okinawa Satsang













Sat means true, sang means company. Satsang means to be in company of the highest truth (of the existence of the universe), a guru, or with fellow practitioners to talk to, listen to and assimilate the truth.

The mini Zuddha family that is Waylon, Shiho, Padma, Shiva, Eric and I, we are here in Okinawa, Japan, to share our yoga practice with the yoga festival, Okinawa Satsang, organized by Ikki Bando.

Ikki is literally this cool, super tan guy, lives in Okinawa, where it’s known to be eternally summer and laid back. He loves life, music and food. He wants everyone to incorporate yoga practice into daily life as if it were like brushing your teeth, and also to have a little fun amidst all the seriousness. He’s been trained in the Iyengar yoga system, and has started his own style, Vaikuntha Yoga, based on the philosophy of preventative medicine.

It is very important to join a Satsang, as well as to keep your solo meditation practice tight. At a Satsang we can discuss and reacknowledge the importance of enjoying and expressing yourself in music as dedication of love, and of living in harmony with the Mother Nature that is our home, and practice of ahimsa (nonviolence), etc. A Satsang is powerful and positive, and helps you want to be even better and happier.

As long as I can practice, there are music, the sun (even on cloudy days the sun is right there above us) and green, I am very happy. Because that’s peace to me. And I know that unfortunately peace has been a privilege since there was war.. And it shouldn’t be.

Shanti shanti shantih.



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