BEST NATAS and the most beautiful monastery

Yeah, we did it. We went to get the best natas in the world, of a secret, almost 200-year-old recipe passed down by monks at the Jeronimos Monastery. Pastel de nata, a Portuguese egg tart pastry, it’s the most commonly eaten breakfast staple here. There are beautiful gardens and parks near the cafe, Pasteis de Belem, so loads of people queue for the take-out queue. But if you don’t mind eating inside this massive cafe/restaurant, you might as well eat in. It’s a shorter queue too. We got to sit down immediately too even though we headed down late around 11am.

The natas were soooo good!! I usually don’t eat egg but this was an exception. (Oh trust me, I love eggs. I just try not to eat them cuz you know, they’re still could’ve-been babies) The crust was just so crispy, just buttery enough, and the filling inside was heavenly. I could eat one after every meal, every day, for a while. Yeah, that good. Don’t forget to order a galão, an espresso with foamed milk.

We went to Jeronimos Monastery after, and I was just in awe. It is so beautiful. The detailed and tasteful motif was so impressive, and there was a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere inside. When I did my hanumanasana on the bench, a security guard came over to me and said do not put your feet on the bench. He was right, it is the house of God. There is a God in everything, especially in beautiful and precious things. For that reason we should not walk all over grass and flowers, when there are pavements, walk over musical instruments, books, animals, etc. You do not put your feet toward your Guru. But like Guruji Iyengar said, my asanas are my prayers. I only hoped to sincerely pray for peace 😉 and wanted a photograph of myself praying, to share just how serene this place was. I hope they forgive me.

世界一美味しいと言われているエッグタルト、パステルデナタ、もしくはナタ、を食べに行って来たよ!!ナタを最初に作ったのは、リスボンのベレンにある、ジェロニモ修道院の修道女たちなんだって。洗濯のりとして、卵白を大量に使っていたから、余った卵黄をお菓子作りに、ってとこから始まったらしい。その秘伝のレシピをPasteis de Belemが受け継いで、今も毎日大人気なんだって。すんごい美味しかったよ!!! 普段は卵をなるべく食べないようにしてるけど、今回は特別。だって世界一だよ!


そのあとは、ジェロニモ修道院に行ってきました。神様が住んでいるだけあって、美しい〜!! 修道院の中は静かで、神聖な空気が流れていました。あまりにも気持ちがよかったので、ヨガアサナをしてしまいした。


IMG_9042 IMG_9043 IMG_9044 IMG_9046 IMG_9052 IMG_9057 IMG_9058 IMG_9059 IMG_9073 IMG_9087



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