Ana Christina アナ クリスティーナ

My Mexican partner in crime is in Lisbon!!! We were supposed to meet up in Amsterdam but she’s in Lisbon for a wedding, so why not just meet here!

I love her to bits. We lived together for a year and half in a cozy, spacious apartment by the water on Moberly, in False Creek, Vancouver. That was like my second best year at UBC. She and I are just on that same wavelength. We can be good and bad gyals together and have the best time always, whether we’re sculling drinks, dancing to bad music all night or lazing around on a sofa bed all day.

We went to Le Chat, some restaurant in the neighbourhood where we were staying. It was actually really good. Tasty, quality food and drinks, and a DJ playing decent lounge music.

The next day we decided we were going to be fabulous and pay 25 euros to spend a day at this beautiful rooftop hotel pool overlooking the city of Lisbon. Best pool day ever. Especially because we just watched this group of wannabe big spenders who seemed to have gone to an international school in Lisbon having a reunion and just splashing warm wine all over the poolside, talking about what globe-trotters they were and how many cities they had lived in. It was seriously like watching The O.C. or something. I actually have no idea what The O.C. was about. Never saw it haha. Anyway, reunions are the best, so I’m not hating! It entertained me. Hopefully my friends and I don’t become one of those. Rich, yes, but not pretentious show-offs. The food and drinks here were excellent as well.

バンクーバーで大学行ってたときに一緒に住んでた、アナ!メキシコ人の足長、スタイル抜群の美人さん。一年半ぐらい一緒に住んで、めっちゃ仲良くなって、毎週末一緒に掃除して料理して、ホームパーティーして、夜遊びに出てワルやってたり。とにかく気兼ねしなくていい、大好きなお友達。今はアムステルダムに住んでるんだけど、結婚式があるからリスボンに来てるんだって。一緒に遊んじゃった。テラスが素敵な、Le Chat っていうレストランが、ステイ先のアパート( で探してみて!安いよ!)から近いところにあったので、いってみたよ。美味しかったー。次の日は、街中のホテルの屋上プールでゴロゴロ。とにかくのんびりを満喫。

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