María マリア

It’s quite curious how I met Maria, but from the get-go I’ve loved her happy smiles. We met during our time at Fudan university in Shanghai while studying Mandarin. She’s such good vibes. We spent so many nights and days together just hanging out, going out and doing silly things. She’s one of the very few, precious friends from my Fudan days.

We were apart for six years, and yesterday we finally reunited! We just did the usual, except it was a Barca version. A concoction of Fiesta, cervesas, post-fiesta tapas, pool time, baked under the loving sunlight and soft winds. Sprinkles of non-stop talking and laughing all over, a generous amount of love, and finally a dash of relative maturity to taste. We didn’t get up to anything crazy or embarrassing this time 😉
Peaceful is the new flavour right now.

There’s the annual Fiesta de Gracia going on right now, where streets compete with each other by trying to win the “Best Decoration” status in the district with a theme each of their own, and put out amazing food and free concerts, etc. The streets were crammed with people! Aiya. Gotta go back and check it out properly during the day.

Thanks for driving down 300km just to see me for a couple days, babe. When you’re really meant to see someone you love, you will. That was a sweet weekend ❤

上海の复旦大学で中国語勉強してたときに、すごく仲良くなった子、マリアと6年ぶりに再会!! 彼女はサラゴサって市に住んでて、ちょっと離れてるんだけど、会いに来てくれた〜!全然変わってない〜。






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